VPS Guardians

Affordable Short-Term Spaces to Live or Work

VPS have consistently provided a proactive and adaptable service, whilst securing the building, providing suitable Guardians to protect the property, and keeping the property costs low

Jon White, Native Land, Property Developer

What are VPS Guardians?

Here at VPS Guardians we offer living and working spaces at extremely affordable rates. Most of our properties are available on a flexible and short term basis, which is something our current tenants love as you are not tied into any long term contracts if you don’t want to.

Our services are mainly geared towards individuals looking for living and working spaces, with periods ranging from 1 month up to 2 years. With a wide range of building types available, Property Guardianship helps businesses, as well as working professionals, find accommodation within Ireland that meets their needs and demands.

Quality-checked properties available in Ireland
Affordable rates from €240 per month incl. council tax
Bathroom and cooking facilities in all properties
Furnished and unfurnished properties available

Becoming a VPS Guardian?

Are you are a professional in Ireland searching for affordable yet quality accommodation? Look no further. We are here to help the flexible and responsible professionals to live in one of the many accommodation spaces we have available.

At VPS, our main aim is to all our Guardians, and Property Owners to have a stellar experience. To this end, we work hard while paying attention to detail to ensure that every space meets our high-quality standards. Moreover, we also ensure that all our Guardians meet specific minimum standards as well. Candidates are mandated to register first when enquiring about the spaces we have on offer to ensure they meet our requirements.

If you think you have what it takes to become a VPS property guardian fill out the form below and contact us today!

To qualify to become a VPS Guardian, candidates must have:


Online Assessment

All guardians complete an online questionnaire to ensure they meet basic qualifying criteria


Face-to-face Interview

Face-to-face interview to agree suitability, review and sign code of conduct and license agreement


Acceptance & Induction

Full induction given to all Guardians including fire and health and safety advice