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Living and Renting in Dublin

Dublin might be a small city - but it punches way above its weight class when it comes to the quality of life that those who call it home enjoy. The wonders of Dublin include its rich history (evidence of Viking occupation in the area has been found). Medieval castles and soaring cathedrals are scattered across the landscape in and around the city. So if your looking for an affordable house or flatshare in Dublin, we might have the property for you!

The Georgian architecture of Dublin is concrete (or rather brick) evidence of its standing as one of the most vibrant cities in Europe during the 18th century. However, Dublin has much more to offer than a deeply interesting history. It attracts hordes of people wanting to put down roots in the city due to its incredible lifestyle and opportunities to simply enjoy each day.

Let's take a closer look at some of the reasons why many people want to make their homes in this vibrant city.

Rooms to rent in Dublin


1. The Pubs

No mention of the joys of life in Dublin would be complete without at least a hat tip to the wonderful pubs that can be found all over the city. Those who call Dublin home are presented with pubs that will delight those who want to mix with the beautiful folk in ultra-modern lounges and champagne rich rooftop venues or those who want to savour the atmosphere of a more traditional watering hole. Becoming a property guardian in Dublin could become dangerous with all the great pubs around!

There are over 1,000 pubs spread across Dublin - so choosing the location for a night out with a group of friends can be challenging. However, there are a few pubs that simply must be experienced. first in line must be the Brazen Head. this pub which dates back to 1198 and claims to Dublin's oldest. It was favourite with James Joyce and Jonathan Swift who used to pop by for a tipple on a regular basis. Enjoy live music every night - and tuck into one the city's best steak and Guinness pies.

4. Speaking of Guinness...

If you are new to Dublin then make sure to set aside some time for a tour of the original Guinness Brewery or visit the 'Guinness Storehouse'. Seven stories of Guinness flavoured wonder attract hordes of visitors keen to know more about one of the world's favourite pints. Even long term residents have been known to spend a pleasant evening at the Gravity Bar on the top floor of the warehouse. it boasts spectacular views across the city - and the Guinness is, of course, the star of the show. In short living in Dublin means enjoying one of the most iconic beverages in the place where it was first served.

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3. Visiting Trinity College.

Dipping into the history of Dublin is always a rewarding exercise and a visit to 16th-century Trinity College is a must for those who want to imagine what life was like when the British Empire started on its road to world domination.

The cobbled squares of the College now echo with conversations among a student body that is of course much more diverse than in those long-gone days - there are even women on campus now (that is fairly new development, women were only first admitted in 1904). The Georgian architecture and gardens are an absolute delight and a visit to the 'Old Library' is one of the highlights of any visit. Dublin remains a center of research and education - one of the reasons that it is so sought after as a home base.

4. A Great job Market.

The list of multinational companies that have their European headquarters in Dublin is almost too long to list, but include such high profile Internet-focused companies as Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and Airbnb. Those who are in search of a career in tech need look no further than Dublin for opportunities.

Dublin is a city that fairly hums with excitement. The sense of fun is palpable. It offers that perfect work/life balance that today's citizen of the world is searching for. It is a place where people can enjoy the arts, culture, a thriving job market, friendly locals - and of course one of the best pints in the world. The attractions of Dublin are made even more attractive due to the fact that the city is extremely compact. It is best explored on foot. Turning any corner provides a new opportunity for sheer joy.

So if becoming a property guardian in Ireland interests you get in contact today!

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